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Website Specific

How do I submit a rebate?

If you've purchased a product that qualifies for a rebate, you can submit it on our rebates site.

How do I register my Baby Lock machine, serger and/or Gold Standard or Love of Sewing?

  1. Login to your Baby Lock Account
  2. From the Dashboard, click the Register a New Machine
  3. Enter the information, select Validate

How do I change the information (email, address, phone, machines and software I own, etc.) in my Baby Lock Profile?

  1. Sign into your Baby Lock Profile by clicking Login/Register in the upper right corner.
  2. Once in your account, scroll down to find the My Profile section.
  3. Click the blue pencil icon - Edit.
  4. Update your information.
  5. Click the Update button that coincides with the information you changed.

How do I set up my Baby Lock Profile?

  1. Click Login/Register button in the upper right corner
  2. Scroll to find the Open One Today link and click it
  3. Click "Join now" button
  4. Enter your personal information
  5. Click "Join Baby Lock"

Why do I want a Baby Lock Profile?

There are a number of reasons you would want to have a Baby Lock Profile:

  • So you can register to receive Baby Lock email Newsletters containing all sorts of valuable hints, promotions and event information.
  • So you can register your Baby Lock machines, sergers and Gold Standard.

Updates & Support

Where can I find updates for my machine?

You can find updates and manuals for your machine on our machine support page, or by going to its product page. You can find machine product pages by searching for a machine name or model number, or by going to our machines page and browsing.

Do I need to oil my Sashiko machine?

Yes, you should oil your Sashiko and we recommend you do so daily. Watch this video to learn how to keep your Sashiko machine in tip top shape. NOTE-Always turn off your Sashiko machine and unplug it before cleaning and oiling.

Classes, Events & Projects

What classes are available through the Love of Knowledge membership?

Your membership includes ALL the video classes we do. Click here for the PDF Course Catalog for the Sew at Home and Love of Knowledge websites. When we add a new one, it will just automatically be in your account ready to view!

Who do I contact if I have additional questions regarding specific class content?

You may find the instructor’s email address at the end of your class handout. If it is not in the handout, then email us directly at and we will happily answer your question.

How many times can I view a specific video in my Love of Knowledge account?

You can view each video as many times as you want as long as your Love of Knowledge account is active.

I have a Love of Knowledge membership, but the website is trying to charge me for the classes. I thought with my membership there was no charge for the classes.

Check the website you are on. You may be on the Sew at Home website instead of the Love of Knowledge website. The Love of Knowledge website pulls some of its classes from the Sew at Home website, but gives you access to them at no additional charge. If you are asked to add to cart, checkout or use an access code, you are on the Sew at Home website. Click here to go to the Love of Knowledge website.

Is there a way to fast forward or rewind the videos?

Yes. After you have started to play the video, simply left click in the time line bar (bottom of the video) and scroll to the desired place in the video.

I have a SEW @ HOME access code that I purchased separately or that came with a Baby Lock/Designer's Gallery product. Can I use this code for a video class?

Yes, and here's how:

  1. Enter your regular SEW @ HOME access code numbers in the discount codes window (with the dashes) on the left side of the cart page.
  2. Click the apply coupon button • IMPORTANT: If you have more than one access code you want to use, then you must check out separately for each class to apply each code. You can use one discount code per order. • IMPORTANT: if you want to pay with a [credit card] for some classes and use SEW @ HOME access codes for others, you must purchase each class separately.

I lost my connection when I was watching a video. What do I need to do?

You are probably having an issue with your internet. When your internet connection is available again, log back into your account; locate your videos on the My Account page and resume watching.

How can I search for Love of Knowledge classes within my account?

Search for words in the class's title. If the name of a machine appears in the title of the class, that class is machine-specific. Other classes are more generic and may be applicable to multiple machines.

How long can I view my Sew at Home videos?

Videos purchased through your Sew at Home account are available to watch for an unlimited amount of time.

Products & Accessories

How long does the Love of Knowledge membership last?

Your membership to all the Love of Knowledge videos depends on what you purchased and for how long. If you purchased the Love of Knowledge as part of the Love of Sewing package, then your membership is for four years. If you purchase only the Love of Knowledge membership, you have the choice of a two or four year membership.

I keep getting an error message on my Alliance, "Replace bobbin winder to original position." How can I fix it?

Check that the bobbin winder shaft has been returned to original position.

What is the best way to do stippling or free motion quilting on Baby Lock without a stitch regulator?

Increase your stitching speed, decrease your tension, and lengthen your stitch.  Experiment with the settings and speed until you get 'the hang of it' and the desired results.

We have a great and Bonus Sew at Home OnDemand (pre-recorded) class just that subject and is called "Free Motion Quilting with your Baby Lock?" Click here for a link to the Sew at Home OnDemand website and order this FREE video class today! Note you will need to set-up an account on this website, even if you have a Baby Lock website profile, they are different.

Does Baby Lock make embroidery design collections or embroidery cards any longer?

No we no longer produce embroidery designs under the Baby Lock name. We recommend you visit the Amazing Designs or Nancy's Notions websites.

I purchased a Love of Sewing for my Baby Lock machine but it will not let me register it.

If your machine was already registered and you are now wanting to add a Love of Sewing, your Baby Lock retailer will have to register your Love of Sewing and attach it to your machine registration for you.

None of the lights above the needle are lit but my machine is on. What is wrong?

Check to see your bobbin winder spindle is moved all the way to the left.

How do I purchase a replacement instruction manual for my Baby Lock product?

Thank you for your inquiry on ordering an instruction manual for your Baby Lock product. Please contact your local Baby Lock retailer for information on how you can buy an instruction book, if it is still available.

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