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Embroidery Professional (Previous Model)
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Embroidery Professional (Previous Model) (EMP6)
Model number: EMP6


Live the dream with the Embroidery Professional from Baby Lock. Designed for the serious embroiderer, the Embroidery Professional bridges the gap between home embroidery machines and industrial machines.

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Stabilizers - Select the right foundation for every design

Tear-Away Firm Precut Sheets Pack
Now your favorite tear-away stabilizer comes in precut sheets. Stabilizer Pack is 100 sheets of BLT103Sheets - 16” x 24”
Ultra Soft Fusible
Pliable stabilizer ideal as soft backing for embroidery or as a light interfacing.

Bobbins - Get prepared for any project

Others - See what's possible with your machine

Specialty Hoops - For the specific project you had in mind

Stands - Organize your thread and prevent tangles

Embroidery Machine Stand
Support your embroidery machine with this sturdy machine stand. This stand is designed for organization. It stores all of your embroidery accessories, has wheels for mobility and can be adjusted to multiple heights.
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 Basic Level 242 KB 
Tags: Balernina Tote, embroidery, Amazing Designs, Embroidery Professional

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 Basic Level 451 KB 
Tags: CustomWorks, QuiltWorks, hearts, table runner, Valentine. free embroidery project

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 Basic Level 132 KB 
Tags: Free Embroidery Project, Logos, Lab coat, embroidery

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 Basic Level 189 KB 
Tags: embroidery, Interactives, Jeans, Free Embroidery Project

Manuals & Guides
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Embroidery Professional (EMP6) Brochure (397 KB)

EMP6 and EMP6 (Upgraded)  v1.52 Update EMP6 and EMP6 (Upgraded) v1.52 Update
Version 1.52
Added: 5/15/2014
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USB Driver Update (Windows® 98 SE) for BMP6 / EMP6 USB Driver Update (Windows® 98 SE) for BMP6 / EMP6
Added: 10/1/2003
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