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  "This class was great. I learn so much, I would tell everyone to take this class who is starting to use their quilt frame or is looking to purchase. Lora is a super teacher and easy to follow." - Kathy Kunicki, Darien, IL, 10/8/2014  
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"This class was wonderful. Thank you so much for offering this service." - Susan, Crestview, FL, 6/6/2012

"This class was so good. Easy to understand. Lora was very patient and information well organized and interesting." - Myrna L. Johnson, Rogers, AR, 8/11/2009

"Enjoyed Faye's presentation on CustomWorks...I'm better at visual learning than reading the manual, although I can do that too but it takes longer. Plan to take the class on Studio Plus to make sure I'm getting all I can from it. Hope there's more to learn in Custom Works (I think there's another session I want). An hour per session appears appropriate for a computer session. The "handouts" are great too. I don't need the basic computer classes just the specific related to your software programs. These are quicker and more convenient… save gasoline too! " - Anonymous

"April's classes are all great. This one combined so much and I know I will be able to use the information personally and professionally. Thank you!" - Paula, Oklahoma City, OK, 2/21/2010

"I am learning so much through these classes! I thought I knew everything I needed to know about the software, but there is always something new that Lora teaches me! I can honestly say I have learned at least three things I did not know in every class I take, and most times five or six things, and I am a proficient user of this software. Don't miss these classes!" - Trish Gower, West Union, IL, 9/15/2009