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Adaptor Plate and Stylus Holder

Used with the Jewel longarm machine and quilt pattern boards, this accessory attaches the stylus to your machine. Requires Stylus (BLJ18-ST). Fits...

Channel Lock

The channel lock attaches onto the front wheel of the Jewel machine to enable the machine to make a continuous straight horizontal...

Creative Couching Foot Set

Couching is a decorative threadwork technique in which threads, yarns, or other fibers are laid across the quilt and fastened in place...

Horizontal Spool Pin

This optional Horizontal Spool Pin is available for use with metallic and specialty threads wound on a spool (not a cone).

Pro-Stitcher 6 Quilting Software System For Regalia

You will love the show-level precision and quality you can achieve with the Baby Lock Pro-Stitcher Quilting Software. No extra PC is...

Quilt Pattern Board - 2" Clam (package of 2)

Create 9 rows of 2" clamshells with exact placement. Combine both boards for continuous stitching. Requires the Jewel Stylus and Stylus Holder.

Quilt Pattern Board - 2" Crosshatch (package of 2)

Quilt perfect 2" squares in every row of the popular crosshatch pattern with ease. Combine both boards for continuous stitching. Requires the...

Quilt Pattern Board - Orange Peels (package of 2)

Add complex texture effortlessly with this pattern – a perfect compliment to Orange Peel blocks. Combine both boards for continuous stitching. Requires...

Quilt Pattern Board - Random Stars (package of 2)

Your quilts are sure to sparkle when you add this detailed star pattern. Combine both boards for continuous stitching. Requires the Jewel...

Regalia Rear Handles Kit

The Rear Handlebars and display enable you to quilt from the back of the machine. This makes it possible to use pantographs...

Ruler and Echo Quilting Foot Set

Echo quilting is a technique in which stitched quilting lines are at equal distances around a design or motif. The Baby Lock...


This attachment allows you to maneuver through grooves and easily follow the quilt pattern boards used with the Jewel longarm machine. Requires...


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