Multitasking women can sometimes have a hard time shutting the world out and resting, so this sleep mask is the perfect pampering gift to remind them to take care of themselves! This one is made using a Baby Lock serger and is made of soft cotton knit fabric; a silk would be just as breathable and even more luxurious. Pair with some lavender linen spray and she’s sure to have a restful night! Download printable instructions and sleep mask template.


  • Serger thread
  • Cotton quilt batting scrap (9” x 4”)
  • Fabric for mask (Two 9” x 4” scraps)
  • 1/2” wide elastic, 14 inches



  1. Print and cut out the mask template

  2. Cut 2 of fabric and one of batting

  3. Make a sandwich - fabric wrong side up, quilt batting, fabric right side up.

    1. Pin the ends of the elastic to the mask at the sides and pin excess elastic into the middle of the mask to keep it out of the way.

    2. Baste elastic along edges of mask and remove pins on edges.

  4. Set your serger for a rolled hem, stitch length 2 and stitch width 5.5.

    1. Starting on the upper edge of the mask, with the elastic side of the mask down, stitch a rolled hem along the edge of the mask, securing all 3 layers together.

    2. At the corners, hand crank the machine one stitch past the edge, lift presser foot, pull thread slightly and turn mask to continue stitching.

    3. Overlap rolled hem by about 1/2” at the end, then cut thread and weave in ends.

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