Everything about the new school year is exciting: from the different teachers and classmates to new school supplies. Add to the back-to-school buzz with this personalized monogrammed backpack. This project can also be modified for camping or hiking enthusiasts by changing the words embroidered on the straps. Download printable instructions.


  • Purchased backpack
  • Madeira® embroidery thread
  • Tear-Away Soft stabilizer from Baby Lock
  • Temporary spray adhesive


  • Baby Lock® Embroidery Machine


  1. Hoop the stabilizer in the 5” x 7” hoop. Spray the hooped stabilizer with the temporary spray adhesive.

  2. Place a Positioning Sticker on the center of the back section. Unzip the section.

  3. Place the flap in the center of the hooped stabilizer and place the hoop on the machine.

  4. To create the monogram, click on the Monogram icon on the machine.

    1. Select the first letter. Click on the center lettering and select the middle initial.

    2. Click on the lettering for the third letter and select the third initial. The three letters should all be large.

  5. Set the machine up to use the Needle Beam in the Properties field.

  6. Move the monogram design so that the Needle Beam shines over the center mark on the Positioning Sticker.

  7. Embroider the design.

  8. To embroider the two straps, determine the center and place a Positioning Sticker on each of the straps.

  9. Click on the Lettering icon on the workspace. Select the second font on the top row on the second page.

    1. Place each of the letters from the word “School” individually and rotate the letters to the left 90˚.

    2. Reposition each of the letters so that they are vertical on the workspace (up and down) with accurate spacing.

    3. Use the Needle Beam again for accurate embroidery placement for each of the words.

  10. Embroider the first word and then move on to the second word “Days” while repeating the same steps.

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