Project Reverse Appliqué Snowflake Pillow

By Stephanie Struckmann

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Do you love appliqué? Try reverse appliqué with this cute snowflake pillow tutorial! This pillow becomes a perfect accent for holiday decorating around the house. Download printable instructions.


  • Baby Lock® Tear-Away Soft Stabilizer (2 pieces cut 8.5” x 11”)
  • Madeira® Aerofil sewing thread to match fabrics
  • Klassé® leather sewing machine needle
  • Applique scissors (Item #: CNAS6)
  • 19” white microsuede for front and back of pillow
  • 16” square of plaid fabric for applique
  • 80” decorative twist/rope cord or piping with a seam allowance tape (OR make your own piping!)
  • 20” Invisible zipper
  • 18” Square pillow form or stuffing
  • Free Snowflake Template
  • Clear stick tape to hold stabilizer template in place


  • Baby Lock sewing machine
  • Baby Lock Narrow Zipper Foot


  1. Cut two pieces of your soft tear-away stabilizer at 8.5” x 11” and flatten.

    1. Print two copies of the Free Snowflake Template onto your soft tear-away stabilizer pieces and tape them together to make a complete snowflake.

  2. Tape your 17” square plaid fabric to the back side of the pillow front. I taped my fabric diagonally so the lines would run accordingly.

    1. Flip it over, position and tape your snowflake to the front side.

  3. Place your layers into the machine. With your leather needle in the center and your stitch length at 3.0mm, stitch around the entire snowflake.

    1. If your Baby Lock machine has a hands-free presser foot lifter, this is the time to use it. If your Baby Lock machine has the Advance Pivot Feature, even better.

    2. If you wish, you can stitch the line twice for a bolder appearance.

  4. Remove the stabilizer to reveal your pretty snowflake stitch line.

  5. Optional: Stitch a second line about 1/8” away on the inside or outside of your first stitch line. Again, you may stitch over this line twice.

  6. Carefully clip closely along the inside stitch line. Don’t clip your plaid fabric underneath.

  7. Trim down the plaid fabric on the underside.

  8. Pin your cording along the edge, clipping the curves of the seam allowance tape on the cording as you turn the corners.

  9. If you are using the twist rope cording, overlap the cords, by stitch ripping about 2” of the seam allowance tape from both ends of the rope.

    1. Un-twist on both ends about 1” or so of overlap. Then, wrap one side over the other to make it look like one continuous rope. Carefully stitch as close to the stitch line as possible.

  10. Stitch on your piping with your narrow zipper foot, needle to the far left, and stitch as closely to the roll of the piping as you can without stitching on it.

  11. Using the narrow zipper foot, align the top edge of the zipper with the lower left edge of the back side of the pillow.

    1. Line up your zipper so that when you stitch it on, you’ll be stitching at a 1/2” seam allowance. Stitch as closely to the zipper teeth as you can without stitching on top of them.

    2. Do the same for the lower edge of the front side, but, line up the zipper teeth as closely as you can to the cording. Again, take it slow over the overlap!

    3. After sewing, double check that it zips! Then, zip it up halfway.

    4. TIP: If you need to shorten your zipper, stitch with a wide zigzag and a 0mm stitch length and create a new bar tack over the zipper and create a new end. Cut off the excess zipper.

  12. Place pretty sides together and stitch around the remaining 3 sides of your pillow with a standard stitch length and a ½” seam allowance stitching over both zipper ends.

    1. Follow the stitching on the back of the front piece that is there from sewing the cording on. Stitch once and then remove the pins.

    2. Stitch a second time to get in closer to the roping if needed. After sewing, unzip the rest of the pillow. Turn right side out and stuff with your pillow form or stuffing.

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