Looking to make a cute penguin plushie for a little one in your life? In Amy Struckmeyer’s book, A Bit of Appliqué, she walks you through how to easily use machine applique to create this fun stuffed animal project. Download printable instructions.


  • A Bit of Appliqué book by Amy Struckmeyer
  • Blue wool felt for main sections of the body
  • Beige, orange, and green felt for body parts
  • 1 small scrap of cotton print fabric for chest section
  • Fusible web (Steam-a-Seam II)
  • Fiber fill
  • Universal 80/12 needle
  • Madeira® Cotona thread for sewing
  • Basic sewing supplies



  1. Follow the directions found on page 66 of the A Bit of Appliqué book by Amy Struckmeyer. Read all directions before you begin.

  2. Set up the machine for sewing.

  3. Before you start any new project always change the needle. In this project, an 80/12 Universal needle was used. Insert a new needle.

  4. Wind a bobbin following the directions found on page B-13.

  5. Thread the machine with the Madeira Cotona thread that will match or coordinate with the different fabrics.

  6. Work through steps 1-3 from the instruction book.

    1. Adjust the tension as needed.

  7. To apply the appliqué stitches around the shapes, select a decorative stitch as shown on page S-41 in the manual.

    1. In the sample, decorative stitch 3-06 was used.

    2. For best results use the “N” foot.

    3. Go at a slow steady pace while working your way around the appliquéd sections.

    4. Tip: Sew on a sample piece of fabric using the same fabric that will be used in the penguin.

    5. Adjust the tension as needed.

    6. Once the settings are made and the stitch looks great, go ahead and stitch on the real thing.

    7. Appliqué all of the body parts to the penguin front section.

  8. Continue with the Assembling the Penguin Steps 1-4 to finish the penguin.

  9. Stuff the penguin with the fiber fill. Hand-sew the opening closed.

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