Is your dad nuts about nuts? Create this simple gift from a pair of denim jeans and place it around a jar of your father’s favorite type of nut. You can upcycle the back pocket of the pants and embroider it using Designers Gallery FontWorks software. Dad is sure to love this unique and personalized gift! Download printable instructions.




  1. Open the FontWorks program and follow the next set of steps:

    1. Click on the Text icon.

    2. Click anywhere on the workspace.

    3. Under the Properties field, type in the following phrase as shown in the following illustration. We are (enter) NUTS (enter) about you (Enter) DAD.

    4. Select the Onboard font.

    5. Set the Height to 16.0mm.

    6. Set the line spacing to 28mm

    7. Set Align to Center.

    8. Click on Apply to place it on the workspace.

  2. To make sure that the design fits in the hoop, click on the Hoops icon. Select the 100mm x 100mm hoop and apply.

  3. To center the design in the hoop, click on Tools. Then select Center. The design will automatically be centered in the hoop.

  4. Remove a pocket from the back of the old pair of blue jeans:

    1. Use the seam ripper to cut through the stitches to remove the pocket.

    2. Remove any lingering threads.

    3. Press the pocket flat.

    4. Determine the center on the pocket and place a cross-mark at that point.

    5. Save the remaining part of the jeans for another project.

  5. Using the 4x4 hoop, hoop the stabilizer with the shiny side up:

    1. Score the paper on the stabilizer close to the edge using a stick pin.

    2. Tear away the paper covering to expose the sticky side of the stabilizer.

    3. Place the pocket in the center of the hoop using the marks on the hoop as your guide.

    4. Finger press to secure to the stabilizer.

  6. Set up the machine for embroidery:

    1. Retrieve the design from the saved location.

    2. Place the hoop on the machine.

    3. Center the design over the cross-mark on the pocket.

    4. Embroider the design using dad’s favorite color. In the sample, red Madeira thread was used.

    5. Remove the pocket from the stabilizer.

  7. Cut a piece of elastic 6 inches long.

  8. Sew one end of the elastic to one of the top edges on the backside of the pocket.

  9. To get a snug fit, measure around the placement area on the jar to determine the length that will be needed for the elastic.

    1. Add ½ inch to the elastic for sewing.

  10. Sew the elastic end to the other side of the pocket top. Trim away the elastic as needed.

  11. Place the finished sleeve over the jar and give to Dad.

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