Project Monogrammed Christmas Stocking

By Pam Mahshie

Skill Level: Intermediate  

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There is nothing better than surprising your friends and family with a new personalized stocking stuffed with all sorts of goodies on Christmas morning. This whimsical stocking is perfect for young kids or the young at heart. This monogrammed stocking will get your mantle into the holiday spirit in no time!


  • Stocking template
  • Package design
  • 3/4 Yard Essex linen
  • ¼ yard 4 different cotton fabrics
  • ¾ yard cotton fabric for patchwork and lining
  • Baby Lock Cut-Away Mesh Fusible Stabilizer
  • 1 Package 3/16” Clover Wrap and Fuse piping
  • 1 Spool metallic thread for embroidery
  • 1 Spool Poly or Rayon embroidery thread
  • 1 spool construction thread
  • Pearl and Piping foot
  • Darr piping ruler


  • Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold Sewing and Embroidery Machine


  1. Cutting:

    1. Download the Applique embroidery design from the Baby Lock website.

    2. Cut the 2 lining pieces and 1 back from the stocking pattern. Fuse the back piece with Baby Lock Cut-Away Mesh stabilizer, set aside.

    3. Cut 2 strips of each cotton fabric 2 ½” wide by the width of the fabric.

    4. Cut bias strips of cotton fabric to measure around the stocking pattern +6”.

    5. Cut 1 piece of Essex linen 13” X 18” and fuse with Baby Lock Cut-Away Mesh stabilizer.

  2. Embroidery:

    1. Place the fused 13” X 18” Essex linen in the 200 X 200 embroidery frame.

    2. Open Embroidery Edit from the Home page.

    3. Retrieve the downloaded embroidery design.

    4. Stitch the applique design starting with the package. A solid fabric is recommended as the Monogram embroidery will be placed in this section. The bow can be a print of your choice

    5. Thread the Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold with Poly or Rayon thread. Stitch the first color of design.

    6. Place the “package” fabric over the stitching and stitch the second color.

    7. Trim close to the stitching. Stitch color #3 the satin stitch of the package.

    8. Stitch color #4 the bow positioning stitch. Place bow fabric placement line stitch color #5 satin stitch of bow.

    9. Stitch remaining colors for bow in the same manner as above stitching placement lines, then placing the fabric over stitching lines. Stitch in place. Trim close, stitch a satin stitch.

  3. Embroidery of Monogram:

    1. Touch the Home icon in the upper right corner of the embroidery screen.

    2. Touch Embroidery Edit on the Home page, then touch the Font key, then choose any of the different fonts available to you.

    3. Enter the initials you want to place on the stocking, place them in this order: first name, last name, and middle. Use the first initial for each, then touch set in the lower right hand cor

    4. Touch SIZE in the middle of the screen and increase the size of the middle letter. You can change this once you see the placement on the stocking. Touch close then set in the lower right co

    5. Touch the Camera on the screen and watch as the hoop moves to scan the entire embroidery field. Now that the picture is on the screen you can, rotate, size and reposition the letters exactl

    6. Thread with the metallic thread and stitch letters.

    7. Remove hoop from machine and fabric from hoop. Press and set aside until patchwork is complete.

  4. Assembly of patchwork:

    1. You will assemble 2 different fabric strip combinations. Arrange the 2 ½” fabric strips and sew together using a ¼” seam allowance.

      If you use the stitch Q-02 , or 1-03 and place the stitch width at 5.5 and use the outside edge of the N foot, you will have the exact ¼” seam.

    2. Mix up the fabric combination for the second grouping and stitch them together with a ¼” seam allowance. Stitch blocks together to measure at least 18”.

    3. Subcut the two sections into 2 ½” lengths.

    4. Join the sections back together horizontally offsetting the squares from the previous row. Sewing a strip of 2 for the top and a section of 4 strips for the bottom.

    5. Join the 2-strip piece to the top of the applique section and the 4-strip section to the bottom of the applique section.

    6. Place the pattern piece on top of the patchwork and applique section. Cut out.

    7. Stitch the bias strips together to make one long piece. Place fabric around the wrap and fuse the piping press in place.

    8. Trim piping to a ¼” from the cording.

    9. Stitch the piping to the stocking front using the Piping foot, starting at the toe for each side.

    10. Stitch the lining to the front and back of the stocking at the top edge using a ¼” seam allowance.

    11. Place right sides together for lining and stocking front and back. Stitch around the stocking front and lining leaving an opening in the lining section.

    12. Turn right side out and push lining into the stocking, press top edge and stocking flat.

      Hang and enjoy!!

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