No one likes to be cold getting out of the tub, especially your little one! Customize a purchased bathrobe with a Baby Lock Solaris exclusive embroidery design to match their favorite animal and add their name for an additional personal touch. Download printable instructions.


  • 1 purchased kids bathrobe
  • Madeira® embroidery thread
  • Baby Lock Cut-Away Soft Stabilizer
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Embroidery Placement Ruler for Kids
  • Basic sewing and embroidery supplies



  1. Hoop one piece Baby Lock Cut-Away firm Stabilizer in the 5” x 7” hoop and lightly spray with temporary spray adhesive.

  2. Place the design in the top right area. Use the placement ruler by following the size markings to mark the placement of the design. Mark this point using a pin or a positioning sticker.

  3. Place the bathrobe in the center of the hoop. Finger press to secure.

  4. Set up the machine for embroidery:

    1. Wind a bobbin using the Finishing Touch Thread that comes packaged with the machine.

  5. Place the hoop onto the embroidery unit.

  6. To retrieve the design, follow the next set of steps:

    1. Click on the Embroidery option on the opening screen.

    2. Select Exclusives.

    3. Select the Kids Corner category.

    4. Select design number 015.

    5. Click on Set to place the design in the workspace.

    6. Click on Add from the Editing screen.

  7. To add a name to the design follow the next set of steps:

    1. Click on the Font icon.

    2. Select Font 11.

    3. Type in the name of your little one using upper case for the first letter then lower case for the remaining letters.

    4. Place the name under the design. Use your finger to drag the name into position.

    5. To space between each letter in the name, click on the Edit Font tool.

    6. Click on the Letter Spacing tool until the spacing is to your liking.

    7. Click OK, Set and then Embroidery to advance to the Embroidery screen.

    8. Use the Projector for placing the design. Reposition the design centered over your mark on the bathrobe.

  8. Embroider the design using the chosen thread colors. When you get to the colors for the lettering, use a thread color that matches one of the colored hearts.

  9. Remove the design from the hoop.

  10. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut away any excess stabilizer.

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