Coasters are an easy way to dress up your home for the holidays, and are perfect for a quick gift, too. With a Baby Lock embroidery machine, you can whip them up in a flash! Download printable instructions.


  • Baby Lock Cut-Away Soft Stabilizer (BLC203)
  • Madeira® embroidery thread in assorted colors
  • Temporary spray adhesive: KK2000
  • Fabric Glue
  • 4 Small round cork mats
  • 1 Fat quarter of a red cotton print
  • 2 White felt squares
  • Pinking shears


  • Baby Lock Sewing and Embroidery machine (BLSOG)


  1. Hoop the stabilizer and felt into the hoop.

  2. On your embroidery machine, select embroidery edit mode. Select a holiday design you like. We chose presents for this project.

  3. Press size. Select the density icon so the design density will be recalculated when sizing.

    Reduce the design to 60%. Continue on to sewing and embroider the embroidery design, in the top portion of the hoop using assorted colors of embroidery thread.

  4. Once the embroidery is done, select return to return to editing the same design.

    Select the thread color then select Color Visualizer choose either random or vivid and select from the many color choices available.

  5. Once you have selected another color combination, embroidery the design again this time on the lower section of the felt.

  6. Repeat this process for the remaining two coasters.

  7. Use pinking shears to cut small circle around the embroidery designs.

  8. Using the pinking shears cut four circles the same size as the cork mat from the cotton print.

  9. Glue the cotton print to one side of the cork mat, center the felt embroidery design in the center of the cotton print and glue it in place.

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