Get ready for summer by making fun applique projects, like this flamingo pillow! Use colorful fabrics and shapes built into Palette to make unique applique designs for all your projects. It's easy to do, so you'll be adding applique to everything! Download printable instructions.


  • Pillow Blank
  • Madeira Rayon Thread
  • Fabric for applique
  • Iron-on stabilizer
  • Applique scissors


  • Baby Lock Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine
  • Palette 9.0 or newer Software Program
  • Baby Lock Cutwork Upgrade for Multi-Needle Machine (optional)


  1. Open Palette to create the flamingo applique.

  2. Right click Import Patterns, from Design Library and Outline Shapes1. Select the Flamingo shape and click Import.

  3. Once the flamingo shape is imported, click and drag on the black boxes around the design and resize to the desired size.

  4. Select the Sewing Attributes for the Outline shape and then select Applique Wizard.

  5. Make your selections for the desired applique. And select OK.

  6. To add a stippling stitch to the applique.

    Import another flamingo shape, resize and change the region sew type to stippling stitch. Adjust the sewing attributes to adjust the stippling to desired spacing.

  7. Click, File, Save and save design to USB Stick or folder of choice.

  8. Apply iron-on stabilizer to the back of the pillow front.

    (For this project, the pillow back was removed from the blank pillow for ease of embroidery. You can opt to secure the pillow back so that it is not stitched during the applique process.

  9. Hoop the pillow front into an appropriately sized large frame.

  10. From the multi-needle machine, retrieve the design.

  11. Assign your thread colors to the appropriate needles and begin to stitch the embroidery pattern.

  12. The applique design will provide a running stitch template for where to place the fabric.

    Next, you will place your fabric and another set of stitches will secure the fabric to the pillow top. (Note: Make sure to use the reserve stop feature on the design to be able to trim the applique fabric.

  13. After the fabric is tacked down, remove the frame and trim around the running stitch with applique scissors.

  14. Place frame back into the machine and continue stitching.

  15. Once the applique outline and the stippling design is completed, remove the pillow top from the hoop.

  16. Remove the excess iron-on stabilizer and re-attach the pillow back.

  17. Utilize the Cutwork Upgrade for Multi-Needle machines to try this design as a reverse applique design or to use the cutting needles to help with your next applique project

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