Project Embroidered Lampshade

By Diane Kron

Skill Level: Beginner  

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  • 1 Yard solid colored decorator fabric (Yellow)
  • Baby Lock Tear-Away Soft Stabilizer
  • Madeira® Matt embroidery thread
  • Double stitch tape
  • Double stick tape


  • Baby Lock Embroidery machine
  • Pinking Shears
  • Fabric Glue
  • Amazing Designs Classy Floral Crewelwork Collection (ADC198) or similar designs
  • General sewing supplies


  1. Determine the designs to be used on the shade

    In the sample, design numbers from Amazing Designs Classy Floral Crewelwork collection CFC112, CFC118, CFC123, CFC129, CFC130, CFC131, CFC132, CFC133, and CFC134 were used.

  2. Download the designs to a USB thumb drive

  3. Set up the machine for embroidery

  4. Using the largest hoop, hoop the yellow fabric and the tear-away stabilizer.

  5. Attach the hoop to the machine

  6. Retrieve the first design from the USB thumb drive and follow the next set of steps

    Since we will need several embroidered designs, more than one design will be placed in the hoop. You can use the same design and duplicate it several times or you can embroider different designs in the same hoop. There will be several hooping’s needed to create enough embroidered sections. In the sample, 26 designs were embroidered. The number of designs will vary based on the shade size, size of the designs, distance the designs are placed apart from each other, and the overall positioning.

    1. Set the design.

    2. Click on Add and retrieve another design on the workspace.

    3. Move each of the designs toward the upper portion of the hoop with even spacing between the designs. The designs should not touch.

    4. Click on Add and retrieve another design

    5. Move the design

    6. Repeat until you have filled the hoop.

  7. Embroider the designs using two different shades of yellow. (medium yellow & light yellow)

    The centers were embroidered using the medium yellow and the outer edges used the light yellow thread.

  8. Remove the embroidery from the hoop.

  9. Repeat these steps until you have enough embroidered designs.

  10. Gently tear the stabilizer away from the design

  11. Use the pinking shears, cut around each of the designs.

  12. Determine the lay out of the design on the shade

    1. Place a small piece of double stick tape on the back of each of the designs and press in place.

    2. Move them around until you have created the perfect look where all of the designs are placed perfectly

    3. Place the designs around the entire shade.

  13. Once the layout has been determined, take the individual designs off the shade and apply glue to the backside of the embroidered design sections.

    1. Press the glued design back into the same position

    2. Hold to secure the design until it is set

    3. Repeat for the remaining designs until the entire shade has all of the designs glued in place.

    4. Once the designs are glued you are free to use the lamp with its newly decorated shade

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