Update your bedroom or guest room with these elegant embroidered pillow cases. Use thread to match your decor and choose a design to complement your style. These are so easy to embroider, you'll be updating every pillowcase in your house! Download printable instructions.


  • Bobbin and embroidery thread
  • Water Erasable Fabric Marking Pen
  • Straight edge ruler
  • Baby Lock Tear-Away stabilizer


  • Baby Lock® Ellisimo Sewing & Embroidery Machine


  1. Open the side seams and the pillow insertion opening seam with a seam ripper.

    1. By opening the seams, all of the under stitches will be hidden and will leave a professional looking pillowcase.

  2. Using the Water Erasable fabric marker and a straight edge ruler, draw a line down the center on the opened section of the pillowcase between the folded crease line and the pillowcase.

    1. This will be the guideline that the design will be embroidered on.

  3. To have one continuous length of stabilizer, cut a piece of tear-away stabilizer slightly longer than the length of the width of the pillowcase.

  4. Place the section of the pillowcase with the straight line on top of the stabilizer and place in the Continuous Border frame, while placing the blue drawn line down the center of the hoop.

    1. Use the markings on the hoop for alignment.

  5. To tighten the fabric in the hoop, press down on the brackets on each side of the hoop. Refer to the manufacturer’s directions and the following illustration.

  6. Turn on the machine and follow the next set of directions:

    1. Using the Stylus, select Embroidery Edit. Select a border design that fits your style and decor.

  7. Place the hoop on the machine.

  8. To test the location of the design, click on the Pattern Position button or use positioning stickers.

    If needed, move the needle to line up the design over the blue positioning line

  9. Thread the machine with a gold colored thread and embroider the design.

  10. Remove the hoop from the machine and release both lock release buttons on the hoop.

    1. Slide the stabilizer and fabric downward in the continuous hoop, being careful that the line is place down the center of the hoop again using the marks on the hoop.

    2. Press down to lock both Lock Release buttons to secure the stabilizer and fabric in the hoop. Re-attach the hoop to the embroidery unit.

    3. Press the needle position button and select the top center needle mark. Click on Close.

    4. Move the needle position if the design is not positioned properly. Use the Pattern Position button to check the design location.

  11. Embroider the next pattern. Repeat these steps until the entire section has been embroidered.

  12. Sew the seams of the pillowcase back together again.

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