Project Decorative Edge Stitched Napkins

By Diane Kron

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Turn a plain set of napkins into a pretty table setting using the Baby Lock Presto II sewing machine. Don’t stop with the napkins add decorative stitches to placements or to any other item. The options are endless. Give it a try!


  • Purchased napkins (blue solid colored)
  • Baby Lock Cut-Away Stabilizer
  • Madeira® Frosted Matt Embroidery threads (Yellow)
  • White bobbin thread
  • Frixion Marking pen
  • Straight edge ruler



  1. 1. At the cutting table, cut a strip 1 ½” wide by the width of the napkin from Cut-Away stabilizer.

  2. Using the Frixion marking pen and the straight edge ruler, measure 3” from the bottom edge of the napkin and draw a line across the width of the napkin.

    Draw two more lines ½” away from the each side of the first drawn line.

  3. Pin the 1 ½” wide stabilizer strip, centered behind the drawn lines on the napkin.

    Note: By using the stabilizer, you will create a beautiful non-puckered stitch on the napkins edge.

  4. Turn on the machine. Select decorative stitch 08.

  5. Attach the “N” foot.

  6. Thread the machine with the Madeira Frosted Matt thread and place a white threaded bobbin in the bobbin case.

  7. Set the speed to a medium setting.

  8. Place the edge of the napkin, with the center drawn line centered, under the presser foot.

  9. Stitch across the napkin with the drawn line centered down the middle of the presser foot.

    Go at a relatively slow to medium pace so that you maintain a good stitch and create a straight line of stitching.

  10. For the two outside rows, select Decorative stitch 01

  11. Use the same thread color for the top and in the bobbin as in the first row of stitches.

    Stitch over the first outside drawn line with the presser foot centered on the line while maintaining a steady even pace. Repeat for the other third line. When finished, you will have three rows of decorative stitches.

  12. Repeat for the other napkins.

  13. Press the bottom edge on all of the napkins.

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