Change up your favorite pillow pattern with some fun embroidery, including this cute dandelion design. By resizing and rotating embroidery on your Baby Lock embroidery machine, you create a fun and unique look to any piece of home decor! Download printable instructions.



  • Baby Lock® sewing and embroidery machine


  1. Set the machine up for embroidery.

  2. Click on Embroidery category and retrieve the dandelion design (#EREM207) from the Eileen Roche’s Fashion Embellishments II design collection.

  3. Set the design and click on Edit. Select the Resize icon.

    1. To resize the design larger, click on the icon with the arrows pointing outward or to resize smaller click on the arrows pointing inward.

    2. In the sample, the design was 20% larger. Click on Set.

  4. To embroider the design in one color, under the Edit category click on the Color Spool icon. The machine will not stop after each color.

  5. Following the directions on Page 28 of the Pillow Book, Step 1 for the Basic Rectangular Pillow project, cut a section from the silk fabric measuring 21” x WOF (width of the fabric)

    1. Fuse the tricot iron stabilizer to the backside of the silk fabric.

  6. Hoop the tear-away stabilizer and lightly spray with the temporary spray adhesive. Place the stabilized fabric in the hoop and finger press to secure.

  7. Place the hoop on the machine; center the design and embroider.

  8. For the remaining embroidered designs, space the designs approximately 4”-5” apart and rotate them in either direction as desired.

    1. Repeat the hooping and embroidery process by following Steps 7-8.

  9. Remove the stabilizer from the back of the piece.

  10. Follow Steps 2 and 3 from the book to finish the pillow.

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