Project Cutwork Ornaments and Gift Tags

By Patty Marty

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Create free-standing designs using the New Applique Feature of the Cutwork Upgrade for the Baby Lock Multi-Needle Machines. Make beautiful ornaments or gift tags using existing embroidery designs and festive lettering. You can add applique shapes to embellish coordinating tree skirt or stocking designs, and glue your designs together with ribbon or rick rack accent for a great an ornament hanger. Easily stitch and cut multiple items in one hooping to use as ornaments, creative gift tags, coaster, banner or any other holiday project!


  • Craft or wool felt fabric in green, red or white
  • Tear-away stabilizer from Baby Lock
  • Adhesive spray
  • Ribbon or rick rack trim
  • Hot Fix Crystal Wand and Hot Fix Crystals
  • Craft glue or hot glue gun


  • Baby Lock Multi-Needle Machine
  • Baby Lock Cutwork Upgrade for Multi-Needle Machines (BNCW)
  • Amazing Designs Ho Ho Holiday Design Collection (ADP-37P)


  1. Turn machine on and go to Settings page to turn Cutwork Mode ON.

  2. Insert the cutwork needles into the appropriate needle bars.

    1. If these needles were threaded prior to this usage, remove the four threads from the tension knobs.

    2. Make sure that the needle plate spacer (included with upgrade) is also inserted under the needle plate.

  3. Turn the machine on and retrieve a design SWNCH104 or your choice from the Ho Ho Holiday Collection (ADP-37P).

  4. Cut a section of tear-away stabilizer larger than the hoop that will be used.

    1. If using a felt fabric, lightly spray the stabilizer with an adhesive spray. Hoop the fabric and stabilizer.

    2. Note: if using a lighter weight fabric, use an iron-on stabilizer on the fabric. This will add stability to the fabric when using the cutwork needles.

  5. In the Embroidery Settings page, select the Applique icon.

  6. There are three main Applique functions included with the CW kit:

    1. Creating an Applique from an Embroidery Pattern.

    2. Cutting around an Embroidered Pattern.

    3. Satin stitching around an Embroidery Pattern, then using the cutwork needles to cut the design out.

  7. Touch the Applique icon for the type of design you want to create, select from one of the three applique options.

    1. Select the conform shape tab. This shape will outline the selected embroidery design. You have access to all the shapes included on the tabs.

    2. If you prefer to add a circle or other shape,you can click on the appropriate tab to select that shape.

  8. Settings for Applique Distance and Cutting Line Distance can also be adjusted in the settings page.

    1. The Cutting Line Distance key will specify the cutting line from the embroidery pattern. The minimum is 1.0 mm for this feature.

    2. Due to the different angles of the needles, this limitation keeps needles from clipping the design. This helps avoid ruining a project by eye-lashing the satin stitching.

  9. Press Set.

  10. OK to accept and then press Sewing.

  11. To cut out multiples of the same design in one hooping, follow the steps above as shown.

    1. After choosing and accepting your applique function, select EDIT and then the Border Function Key in the Pattern Editing screen.

    2. Select the direction in which the pattern will be repeated and then adjust the spacing of the repeated pattern. Ungroup the pattern, touch EDIT END and then Sewing.

  12. Assign your thread colors to the appropriate needles and stitch the embroidery pattern using the cutwork needles.

  13. Once done stitching, remove fabric from hoop and remove excess stabilizer.

  14. Clean the bobbin area with a brush to remove any fibers that may have settled in the bobbin case area.

  15. Glue or stitch a loop of ribbon or trim to the back of the embroidery to create ornaments or gift tags.

    1. Also, glue two cutouts together and attach the loop in between. Add crystals or other decorations to the cutwork ornaments.

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