Give a plain dress a little personality with cutwork embroidery. This elegant finish will elevate any wardrobe and once you make one piece, you won't be able to stop! Our embroidery cutwork upgrade for multi-needle machines makes this technique simple and possible. Download printable instructions.


  • Purchased white linen dress
  • Madeira embroidery thread (black)
  • Iron-on tear-away stabilizer from Baby Lock
  • Water soluble stabilizer from Baby Lock
  • Canned air


  • Baby Lock® multi-needle embroidery machine
  • Baby Lock Embroidery Cutwork Upgrade for Multi-Needle Machines
  • Baby Lock Palette 9.0 or later
  • Embroidery Cutwork Replacement Needle Set - Model# BNCW-N


  1. Open the upgraded Palette software program.

  2. Click on Import Patterns, from Vector Image and click on Open. The vector image is located on the C/babylock/palette ver.9/clipart/vector image/flower.

  3. Select all design elements. Right click and from the list of commands select Ungroup.

  4. In order to convert elements to cutwork you must ungroup the design. Select the first yellow flower section listed on Sewing Order field.

    1. Click on the Attributes tab and select Cutwork Wizard.

  5. Using the following illustration as your guide, follow the steps below:

    1. Select Yes for Stabilize Cut Edge.

    2. Select Cutting under Cutting Line.

    3. Select Yes under Secure Water Soluble Stabilizer.

    4. Under Net Fill select Yes. Click on the down arrow and select the pattern as shown while using the default settings.

    5. Select Yes under Covering Satin Stitch.

    6. Change the Width to 3.00mm and click on OK.

  6. Repeat these steps for the other yellow flower

  7. For the two bud areas on the design, follow the next set of steps:

    1. Click on the Cutwork Wizard.

    2. Select Yes under Stabilize Cut Edge.

    3. Under Cutting Line select Cutting.

    4. Click on No under Secure Water Soluble Stabilizer.

    5. Click on No under Net Fill.

    6. Select Yes for Covering Satin Stitch.

    7. Set the Width to 3.00mm.

    8. Click on OK.

  8. To save the design, click on File save as and give the design a name. Then save to the location of your choice.

  9. To print out a template for design placement, click on File Print. From the list of commands choose Print set up.

    1. Place check marks next to Print Sewing Area Box & Center Axes and Print Template Grid categories. Click on Print.

  10. Insert the cutwork needles into the appropriate needle bars. If these needles were threaded prior to this usage, remove the four threads from the tension knobs.

  11. Turn the machine on and retrieve the design.

  12. Cut a section of stabilizer larger than the hoop that will be used. Iron the stabilizer section to the wrong side of the dress’s bottom edge.

    1. Tip: Iron the stabilizer along the entire width on the bottom edge of the dress. It is very important to use fusible tear-away stabilizer for cutwork applications.

    2. The fabric should be well stabilized so that the fabric does not shift during the cutting and embroidery process.

  13. Pin the printed template to the skirt’s bottom, approximately 1½” -2” up from the bottom edge.

    1. Start in the front center and work outward in both directions. Place one of the positioning stickers over the cross-marks on the template.

  14. Hoop the skirt section with the template positioned close to center in the hoop. Place the hoop on the bracket and center the needle by selecting the Positioning icon.

    1. The machine will locate the positioning sticker and center the design according to the placement lines on the sticker.

  15. Embroider the design. The machine will automatically stop for you to remove fibers and to add the stabilizer as needed.

    1. For the two yellow flower areas, place the water soluble stabilizer over the cut area when the machine stops.

    2. There is no need to place water soluble stabilizer over the two bud sections, but for both of these areas remove any of the cut away fibers.

  16. After the first design has been completely embroidered, remove the hoop and use a can of canned air to remove any fibers that may have settled in the bobbin case area.

    1. Use the canned air as often as you like to keep your machine free of dust and fibers.

  17. Determine the placement of the next design by pinning the template on either side of the embroidered design.

    1. Measuring the distance between the embroidered design and the cross-mark on the template. Write down that distance for the remaining designs.

  18. Repeat these steps until all of the designs have been embroidered.

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