Be the most fashionable person around with this blue cinch-top bucket bag! If you’ve been interested in learning how to make purses, this may be the project for you. Featuring grommets, eyelets and other hardware, this bag has a professional look and finish that will leave everyone asking where you bought it! This carry-all is great to try on your new Baby Lock Accomplish. Download printable instructions.


  • ¾ Yard of medium-weight flexible blue vinyl 54” wide
  • ½ Yard of cotton fabric for lining
  • 4 - 1” D-rings
  • 5 Heavy duty smooth cat snaps
  • 12 large metal eyelets
  • 4 purse feet
  • ¾ Yard fusible fleece
  • ¼ Yard of heavy weight interfacing
  • Tube of vinyl adhesive
  • Madeira® Cotona thread for sewing
  • Clips
  • Pressing cloth
  • Basic sewing supplies



  1. From the blue vinyl, cut the following:

    1. Two rectangles 17” x 19 ½”.

    2. One rectangle 2 ½” x 1” for the drawstring slider.

    3. One strip 1” x 36” for the drawstrings.

    4. One strip 3” x 54” for the strap.

    5. One strip 1” x 14” for the side tabs.

  2. From the lining fabric, cut two rectangles 17” x 13”.

  3. From the fusible fleece, cut two rectangles 16 ¼” x 12 3/8”.

  4. From the heavyweight interfacing, cut one piece 6” x 10” for the bag bottom insert.

  5. On the bottom of each of the bags corner blue vinyl sections (17” x 19 ½”) cut out a 3” square

  6. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to fuse the 16 ¼” x 12 3/8” fusible fleece sections to each of the 17” x 19 ½” vinyl sections.

    1. The fleece sections are placed just over the seam lines and 3 3/8” up from the bottom edge.

    2. When fusing the fleece sections be sure to use a pressing sheet to protect the vinyl from scorching.

  7. Set up the machine for sewing. Wind one bobbin using the same thread color that will be used for the project. Thread the thread on the top of the machine.

    1. Attach the walking foot. Set the stitch length to 3.5.

  8. Using a ½” seam allowance, sew the sides and the bottom edge.

  9. Open the seams and press using the pressing cloth.

  10. To create the boxed corner on the bag, align the seams and clip in place. Using a ½” seam allowance stitch across the clip area.

    1. For extra reinforcement, stitch twice. Trim close to the seam.

  11. Turn the bag right side out.

  12. Fold down the top raw edge ½” and clip the edges to hold in place.

  13. Top stitch ¼” from the edge.

  14. To create the facing on the bag, fold down the top stitched edge to toward the inside of the bag while using the fleece as your guideline for folding.

  15. Place the 6” x 10” interfacing section into the base of the bag.

  16. To hold the interfacing in place, insert the feet onto the bag. Measure ¾” from each of the corners and mark. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for applying the feet.

  17. For the two lining sections, cut out a 3” corner on the bottom edges as in Step 5.

  18. Repeat Steps 8-10 to create the lining for the bag.

  19. Slip the lining section inside the vinyl bag with the wrong sides together. Push the lining into the bag, aligning the bottom edges to the corners and the side seams together.

    1. The top raw edge on the lining should sit about 2 ½” down from the top edge of the fleece. Pin the lining to the fleece.

    2. Fold the top hemmed portion of the bag to the inside and pin in place. Top stitch 1/8” from the edge of the facing. There should be two rows of stitching showing.

    3. Be sure that your bobbin thread is the same color as the top thread since it will show on the outside of the bag.

  20. To add the grommets (eyelets) to the bag, determine the exact center of the bag by measuring from seam to seam on front and back.

    1. Measure 2 ¼” down from the top edge of the bag. Measure 1 1/8” from the center point in both directions. These marks will determine the placement for the first two grommets.

    2. . Measure 2 ¼” from those points to add the next set of grommets. Continue until you have added all 12 grommets to the bag.

    3. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for applying the grommets.

  21. To create the straps, follow the next set of directions:

    1. Locate the 3” x 54” strip.

    2. Sub cut the strip into one 31 ½” section and one 22 ½” section.

    3. Fold in each side ½” and clip in place. Cut each of the corners at a 45° angle. Fold in the ends and clip them at a 45° angle. This should form a mitered corner.

    4. Fold the strips in half lengthwise with the sides even and clip. Edge stitch around all four sides.

    5. Repeat for the other strap.

  22. Locate the 1” x 14” strip and follow the next set of steps:

    1. Top stitch 1/8” from the edge on both the 14” sides.

    2. Cut the length into two 6” long sections.

    3. Find the D-rings.

    4. Slip the D-rings through each of the ends. Fold the end of the strip 1” back on itself to the backside of the strip.

    5. Place a dab of the vinyl adhesive under the folded area to secure. Clip the ends until it dries.

    6. Repeat for the other tab.

  23. Place the tabs centered over the side seams. One of the D-rings’ ends should extend outside the bag and the other can be used for attaching keys.

    1. Use the vinyl adhesive to secure the tabs to the bag. Allow the adhesive 24 hours to dry.

  24. Starting at the seam line, top stitch around the bag.

  25. Attach the snaps to the handles by follow the next set of directions:

    1. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for attaching the snaps.

    2. The snaps should be centered from left to right on the handles.

    3. Measure 1” inward from each of the ends that will be attached to the D-ring tabs and mark.

    4. Place a snap front and back on each of the straps sections. Snap the straps to the bag through the D-rings.

    5. To add the three adjustable snaps to the opposite ends on each of the straps, measure 1 ¼” in from the end of the straps.

    6. Measure 2 ¼” from the first measurement and mark for the second snap. Measure 2 ¼” in from the second snap for the third snap.

    7. Be sure to place the snap socket and ball section on the correct side according to the manufacturer’s directions.

    8. Once the snaps have been applied snap the front handle to the back handle.

  26. To create the drawstring, locate the 1” x 36” section and follow the next set of directions:

    1. Fold in ¼” along the long edge. Fold ¼”again. There will be ½” extending from the rolled edge. This makes it easier to hold the piece while you edge stitch the section.

    2. Edge stitch along the folded edge.

    3. Using sharp scissors, trim away the vinyl edge that extends outward from the stitched edge.

  27. Locate the 1” x 2 ½” strip to create the slider and follow the next set of steps:

    1. Edge stitch along both of the 2 ½” long sides.

    2. Fold in the ends overlapping them about ¼” at the center. Clip to hold them in place.

    3. Stitch down the center to secure the overlap and also to create two openings on the slider.

    4. Find the drawstring and thread the drawstring through the center left grommet on the bag and weave. The end of the drawstring will exit through the center right front grommet.

    5. Cinch the bag. Feed one end of the drawstring through one of the slider channels and repeat for the other end of the drawstring. Trim away any excess length as desired.

    6. Place an end cap (optional) or you can tie a knot to finish the ends of the drawstrings.

  28. Enjoy your bag!

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