Are you dreaming of the ocean with its breath-taking views? Why dream when you can have that view in your home! Create this beautiful and unique ocean-themed wall-hanging using the built-in designs from the Baby Lock® Destiny II sewing and embroidery machine. Click here to download instructions.


  • Baby Lock Ultra Soft Stabilizer (BLC204)
  • Baby Lock Tear-Away Stabilizer (BLT103-20)
  • The Wave Edge ruler
  • Rotary mat and cutter
  • 5-8 fat quarter cotton landscape fabrics in beige to represent sand and rocks
  • 5-6 fat quarter cotton blue fabrics to represent sky
  • Madeira® Rayon Embroidery, Cotona thread, and quilting thread
  • ½ Yard of backing
  • Batting


  • Baby Lock® Destiny II sewing and embroidery machine


  1. To create the quilted section of the wall hanging, follow the next set of steps:

    1. From the Baby Lock Ultra Soft Stabilizer roll cut a section that measure 20” x 30”.

    2. Iron each of the landscape fat quarters to remove the fold lines.

    3. Using the Wave ruler, align the large wave side of the ruler with the top edge on the rock print fabric.

    4. Cut along the wave edge with the rotary cutter. This section will be approximately 9” tall.

    5. On a flat surface, center the rock print fabric over the bottom edge of the fusible Ultra Soft Stabilizer section.

    6. Cut the next section to be placed next to the rock print fabric using the same wave edge of the ruler. This cut should be approximately 3” tall at this point.

    7. Cut the top edge on this section to measure approximately 2 ½” at one end and angle the cut to approximately 1” tall at the opposite end.

    8. Place this section above the rock print fabric section, butting the edges together.

    9. Fuse the two sections to the Ultra Soft Stabilizer section.

    10. Cut the next section; use the larger wave side of the ruler. Alternate the width on the edges between wide and narrow.

    11. Both sides of the section should be cut using the wavy ruler. Place this section next to the last section and fuse in place.

    12. There may be times when you have to overlap the sections to get the desired look.

    13. Cut the next section using the same side of the wave ruler that has been used throughout this project.

    14. Fuse this section to the top edge of the last fused section. This should complete the sand portion of the wall hanging.

    15. Note: If your cuts were narrower or tall than the ones used in the sample that is okay. Cut and add or subtract sections to the top edge next to the last section as needed.

    16. This sand colored section should be approximately 16” or 17” tall. On these sections, the Blue Heron bird will be embroidered.

    17. Using the blue fabrics continue with the wave cuts on both sides of each of the blue sections. Continue to place the sections together over the sand prints.

    18. Fuse the sections together over the Baby Lock Ultra Soft Stabilizer. In the sample, seven areas were cut and fused together.

    19. The blue sky section should measure approximately 7”- 9” tall.

  2. To sew the sections together, set up the machine for sewing and follow the next set of steps:

    1. Select the rick–rack stitch under the Quilting stitch field (Q-24).

    2. Set the width to 4mm and the length to 3mm.

    3. Attach the “J” foot.

    4. Thread the machine with a coordinating thread. In the sample, off-white thread color was used.

    5. With the needle centered over the first seam line, apply the stitch down the center of the seam, being sure to catch both fabrics in the stitches.

    6. Repeat for each of the rows of seams.

  3. Set the machine for embroidery:

    1. Wind two bobbins using the recommended bobbin thread for the machine.

    2. Thread the machine with the first color that is listed for the design.

    3. Attach the embroidery foot.

    4. Place the embroidery unit on the machine.

  4. To edit the design, follow the next set of steps:

    1. Retrieve the Blue Heron design listed under the Exclusive Animal category as shown below.

    2. Click on Set.

    3. Click on Edit Size.

    4. Click on the first sizing option highlighted in blue.

    5. Click on the sizing tool that is inside the red box ten times. This tool will increase the size of the design 20%, its largest size, while creating a less dense design.

    6. The stitch count on the design will be the same as on the original design.

    7. This will reduce the density level on the design which will work very well when embroidering over the layers on the pieced section.

    8. Hoop the stabilizer in the largest hoop, with the right side of the pieced section placed over the Baby Lock Tear-Away stabilizer.

    9. The Blue Heron will be embroidered to the right of center on the pieced section.

  5. Place the hoop on the embroidery unit.

  6. Embroider the Blue Heron Design using Madeira thread colors.

  7. Remove the hoop from the embroidery unit.

  8. Press the design flat on the pieced section.

  9. Cut a small circle from the gold colored fabric.

  10. Appliqué the circle to the top left side on the sky colored fabrics.

  11. Place the backing, batting and the pieced embroidered section on a flat surface.

  12. To quilt the wall hanging, set the machine for quilting:

    1. Wind several bobbins with the same thread that will be used for the top of the quilted wall hanging.

    2. Thread the machine with the Madeira quilting thread.

    3. Select 1-03 straight stitch.

    4. Lower the feed dogs by clicking on the Feed Dog tool.

    5. Attach the “O” quilting foot.

    6. Quilt the wall hanging, placing vertical lines ¼” apart from one another from top to bottom following the seam lines.

    7. Use the width of the quilting foot as your guide for the space between the rows.

    8. Tip: use quilting gloves for ease in moving the quilt freely.

    9. Quilt circular lines around the moon.

  13. Trim the edges on the wall hanging.

  14. Cut several 2 1/2” strips across the width of the blue print fabric for the binding. Piece the sections together to form on long continuous strip.

  15. Fold the wrong sides together along the long edge and press.

  16. On one of the short ends, fold in at a 45° angle and press.

  17. Place the raw edge of the binding along the outer edge of the quilt starting 6” from the top corner. Pin in place.

  18. Using a 1/4” seam allowance, sew 4” from the top edge of the binding and continue down the first side of the quilt. Stop when you are ¼” from the corner and backstitch. Cut the thread.

  19. Remove the quilt from the machine. Fold the binding up and then down over the second side of the wall hanging so that the raw edges are even creating a 45˚ corner.

    1. Pin in place and sew the second side of the wall hanging. Stop 1/4” from the second corner. Backstitch and cut the thread.

  20. Follow these same steps to bind the remaining sides of the wall hanging.

    1. When you turn the last corner, trim the end on the binding so that it overlaps past the starting point on the binding.

    2. Tuck the binding inside the beginning point of the binding and sew in place.

  21. Press the binding to the back of the wall hanging.

  22. To finish, hand-sew the binding to the back of the wall hanging.

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