Project Baseball Cap with Embroidered Back

By Diane Kron

Skill Level: Intermediate  

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Customize a baseball cap by adding embroidery to the center back with a Baby Lock embroidery machine. Use a 50mm x 50mm hoop for this project and a stencil-style built-in font. Embroider one for yourself and then create several for each of your teammates to be a real MVP! Download printable instructions.


  • Purchased baseball cap
  • Baby Lock Cut-Away Soft stabilizer
  • Marking pen
  • Madeira embroidery thread
  • Basic embroidery supplies


  • Baby Lock Embroidery Machine with 50mm x 50mm hoop


  1. Turn the machine on.

  2. Place a full bobbin in the bobbin case.

  3. Thread the machine with Madeira embroidery thread.

  4. Place the "e" bracket on the machine.

  5. Cut a 4" square piece of stabilizer.

  6. Mark the center placement line on the cap back for placement of the embroidered numbers.

  7. Using the 50mm x 50mm hoop, place the stabilizer over the bottom section of the hoop and place the cap with the placement mark centered in the hoop.

    1. Place the inside section of the hoop over the cap area and press in place.

    2. Remove any wrinkles on the cap by pulling the fabric taut.

    3. Tighten the screw on the hoop so that the cap does not shift. Place the hoop on the machine.

  8. To place the letters on the workspace, select the second font icon.

  9. Select the 11th font shown below in the following illustration.

  10. Select Number field. Select the number 2 on the screen. Under the Sizing field select the (M) for medium sized letters.

    1. Select the next number (4) to place it on the workspace. Click on Set.

  11. Center the numbers over the center mark on the cap by using the arrow keys on the screen to move the letters and using the needle beam as your guide

  12. Once the letters are placed correctly, click on the Embroidery icon. Embroider the design.

  13. Remove the cap from the hoop. Cut the stabilizer away from the back of the cap close to the stitching.

  14. Enjoy!

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