RLarry Touchette

Sewing has been in RLarry’s blood for most of his life. His career includes accomplishments as a tailor with a major department store, working as a pattern drafter and sewer in the costume department of a live theater company as well as designing and producing porcelain dolls for his own international company and many other doll companies. In 1984, RLarry decided it was time to start sharing his design and sewing experience with other enthusiastic sewers. He began teaching sewing skills in the local fabric store. His free time was spent in his sewing room creating award-winning pieces. He has won international awards for his heirloom sewing garments, evening gowns beaded by machine, and his teaching skills. Many of RLarry’s designs have been featured in national ads in sewing and home magazines and currently his embroidered quilts and tablecloths have been featured in many international sewing magazines. RLarry embraces the capabilities of software, creating a new design using components of the original design. When he looks at a design, he sees the endless possibilities as opposed to what is was solely designed to be when sewn. His work is exquisite, well thought out and executed to yield perfection!

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