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Love of Sewing & Sew at Home OnDemand (Recorded) Classes

Discover the functions, features and learn techniques of your favorite Baby Lock machines & serger or Designer's software programs with Sew at Home OnDemand/recorded classes!

If you have a Love of Sewing for your Baby Lock® product, then you have access all the Sew at Home OnDemand classes we offer while you have an active Love of Knowledge membership.

Take OnDemand classes from your own home, on your own time -learning has never been this convenient or easy.


Love of Sewing/Love of Knowledge Membership

Sew at Home OnDemand Classes

Love of Sewing/Love of Knowledge Membership

Sew at Home OnDemand Classes

Q: Can I register any time for a class?
A: YES. You can register for any class that is still available up to 1 hour prior to class time.

Q: Can I take a video class, not LIVE or scheduled so I can watch it any time?
A: YES. Click here for more information on our OnDemand/recorded class list.

Q: Where can I go to get access codes to register for a Sew@Home class?
A: We sell the class coupons two ways:
•Our authorized independent dealers. Find your closest dealer from our dealer locator using this address: BabyLock website or Designers Gallery website
•Beginning September 1, 2009 we also started making them available to purchase online through the Designer's Gallery® website, **
Keep in mind:
•**When you purchase online, this product still has to be shipped to you. If you are planning to take a class on a specific date & time, plan to order the Sew@Home Online class packet(s) with enough lead time.
•These coupons do not have an expiration date and can be used for any available class-you do not need to specify what class you're taking when the coupons are purchased.
•They can be purchased one class coupon for $19.99 or a 3 class pack for $59.99. When you purchase the set of 3 you also get a few extra goodies in the box besides the access/coupon codes.

Q: When I try to view available classes on my computer, the screen is blank. What is happening and how can I correct this?
A: Java script must be installed and enabled on your computer for the classes to be viewed. Here is a link to the Java website site to find out more about this programming and to download the free program,

Q: I received a confirmation email after I signed up for a Sew@Home class. The time listed is not the same as the time I thought I signed up for. How do I know the real time of my class?
A: When you receive your confirmation email and the reminder emails, the class times are shown in the time zone of the instructor. Since this might not be the same as your time zone, it may be different from when you registered. The time zone used in the emails is listed and you need to plan accordingly. There is also a note in the emails to remind you. See screen shots of the email examples below.

Q: I registered for a class and the email I received does not show the same time as when I registered. Why?
A: You are able to set the class list to display in your own time zone, but all reminder emails will reflect the instructor's time zone. The time in the email does state the time zone it reflects.

Q: I have been given a phone number. Will I be charged for a long-distance call?
A: No. Sew@Home classes use a toll-free number for North America, so you won't receive any long-distance charges for your call. However, please remember that if you are using a cellular phone, you may be charged for minutes depending on your individual cell phone plan.

Q: Do I need to be on the phone during the whole class?
A: Yes. The phone is used so you can hear the instructor teach the class. The number you are provided is toll free so you will not have any additional phone charges if you are using a regular phone line.

Q: I missed part of the class because the class system began setting up when I signed in.
A: To ensure that you can fully participate in the entire class, we recommend that you log on to the class 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. This gives your computer time to interface with the Web host so that you can see everything that the instructor is doing. After your computer is ready, or while it is getting ready, we suggest you call in on the toll-free number so that you are ready to go when the class actually starts!

Q: Should I have my Designers Gallery or Baby Lock software program open when I attend the class?
A: NO. There is no need for you to have the software open or even loaded on the computer you are using for viewing the class. You will essentially be looking over the shoulder of the teacher and watching what they are doing on their computer while you are looking at your computer screen. Nothing could be easier!

Q: My codes are not working and I am having log-in issues.
A: For help with issues regarding Sew@Home, contact and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: I signed up for a class and now find that I am unable to attend. Is there any way that I can get my code back to use for a class I can take in the future?
A: When you sign up for a class you were sent a confirmation e-mail. In that e-mail, you'll find a link that you can click on to cancel the class up to 2 hours prior to class time. When you cancel a class, you also need to notify . Please provide them with your name, the class title & scheduled time information of the canceled class. We can then reset your coupon code. You will be notified when this is done so you can take another class with that coupon code.

Q: I canceled a class and now find that I really can attend it. Can I just click on the link to get into the class from my original confirmation?
A: No. If you want to attend that class as initially planned, you will have to re-register for the class at a different time.

Q: How do I ask a question during a class?
A: There is a Chat window in the on screen classroom. Type your question in the open window below [indicated by the red arrow] and select the Send button. Your question will then appear in the Chat window [blue arrow]. Your question will be answered as soon as possible either during or after the class depending on the question and class box

Q: I have used all my access codes. Can I purchase additional?
A: Yes, we sell the class access code(s) two ways:
**When you purchase online, this product still has to be shipped to you and you will be charged a shipping fee; the codes are NOT delivered electronically (through the computer or as a download). If you are planning to take a class on a specific date & time, plan to order the Sew@Home Online class packet(s) with enough lead-time.

Q: I downloaded the notes for the class that I took but now cannot find them on my computer. How can I get them?
A: E-mail us at and we'll help you out! Please provide us with your complete name, the class name, and date you took the class so we can more quickly help.

Q: I really liked the class that I just took and I want to take it again because I think I may have missed some important issues. Do I have to use a new code for the class or can I just take the class again?
A: We are happy that you enjoyed your class! However, each code is for access to just one class. You may find the help you need by going over the class notes that are available for download after the class ends. If not, taking the class again by using a new code is certainly an option.

Q: I can't open the handout I download at the end

Our handouts are PDF files and are all saved in the current version of Adobe Acrobat. You need to have installed on your computer Adobe Reader to open them. Here is a link to the Adobe website to download this free program. Note-there is also a link on this page if you are using an older version of MS Windows operating system or another computer type such as a MAC.

Q: At the end of class, my instructor told me about a

Your instructor was correct. For each class you take through the Sew@Home Online classes, you receive a discount coupon you can print and take to your Baby Lock dealer. To see your coupon(s): Go to the Baby Lock website and look along the top right corner of a web page to see "My Profile".

 Baby Lock site profile

Select My Profile and log into your profile using the password you set-up previously. Once in there you will see "Current Offers" section and that is where the coupon(s) should be.

 current offers

Note: the discount coupons have expirations dates. The specific offer will vary by time & date you took the class. If your discount coupon is not there within a few hours of your class time, please email including your name and information (class title, date & time) on the class you took.