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Downloading Files

Instructions on how to download files from the Baby Lock Web site.


Q: How do I download software from the Baby Lock Web site?
A: Once you click the download link, a pop-up window should appear notifying you that you have initiated a file download. This pop-up window will either be titled 'Save As...', within which you can select where you would like the file to be saved, or 'Unknown File Type', in which case you can select the 'Save File...' button which will take you to the 'Save As...' screen. (To keep your directory structure manageable, we recommend you create a separate folder where you keep all of your downloads.). Click the 'Save' button to complete the download process.

Q: How do I unpack the software I downloaded from Baby Lock's Web site?
A: The file you just save from the Baby Lock Web site will often be in a compressed format (this makes the file smaller and easier to download). Before you can install it on your computer it will need to be decompressed. Check the filename of the program you just downloaded. If it ends with ".ZIP", ".SIT", ".SIT.HQX", ".SIT.BIN", ".BIN", ".TGZ" or ".TAR.GZ" you will need to complete this step. If the filename ends with ".PDF", ".TXT" or ".EXE" you can skip this step.

Depending on the filename extension and the type of computer you are using, the unpacking process will be different.

.ZIP files - A Zip archive contains multiple files within it. The archive must first be expanded with an unzip utility. For Windows, suitable choices include WinZip, ZipMagic, and 123Zip. For the Macintosh, suitable choices include ZipIt. For either Windows or Macintosh, StuffIt Expander can also be used.

.SIT files - This is another archive format. For either Windows or Macintosh, StuffIt Expander can be used to expand these files. Files marked .SIT.HQX or .SIT.BIN or .BIN are other Macintosh-oriented formats that can be decoded with StuffIt Expander as well.

(Files ending with '.PDF' or .'EXE' are already in a decompressed format can be loaded directly onto your computer. Files ending in '.TXT' are plain text files. Files ending in '.EXE' are executable files which typically operate in a Windows or DOS environment.)