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Sergers - Ovation (BLES8), Evolution (BLE8W2), Evolve Wave (BLE8W) & Evolve (BLE8)

Information related specifically to the Baby Lock 8-thread sergers.


Q: I would like to do the "Blanket stitch" that is on ready to wear garments and blankets. Can I do this with my Evolution or Ovation?
A: Yes, it can be done with the Baby Lock Evolution or Ovation serger models. Here are the general directions to set up your serger model for achieving a blanket stitch.

Settings for Evolution or Ovation Sergers:
  • Three thread flatlock stitch
  • Needle thread: Wooly nylon, Monet or your choice of decorative thread.
  • Upper Looper: serger thread
  • Lower Looper: serger thread
Cut a narrow strip of Sulky water soluble stabilizer and place along edge of fabric and serge the stabilizer into the flatlock stitch. Pull the stabilizer to the edge of the fabric and tear away. This action pulls the stitching into the blanket stitch.

Q: Are there extra accessory feet for my Evolve, Evolve Wave, Evolution, or Ovation serger?
A: Yes. There are a couple of ways to find the accessories available for your serger:
  • From your serger model web page, then select the "Related Accessories" tab
  • Our web site has an Accessory search page. Here is that web page address:

Q: I am not sure how to thread the chain looper on my 8-thread Baby Lock serger.
A: We have great Bonus Sew at Home OnDemand (pre-recorded) classes that cover the basics on the Evolution and Ovation sergers, including threading the chain looper. The class titles are "Getting to Know Your Ovation Serger" and "Evolution – Getting to Know Your Serger". Click here for a link to the Sew at Home OnDemand website and order the FREE video class for your serger today! Note you will need to set-up an account on this website, even if you have a Baby Lock website profile, they are different.

Q: I have used monofilament in the needles of the Imagine. Can I also use monofilament in the chain needles of the my 8-Thread Baby Lock serger?
A: Yes, you can. Make sure it is a soft pliable monofilament thread. Stitch at a slow to moderate consistent speed. Use a thread net on the spool of thread and sponge disks at the bottom to prevent thread pooling.

Q: When using the cover stitches on my Evolve, Evolve Wave, Evolution, or Ovation, can I sew as fast as when I am doing overlock stitches?
A: When using cover stitches it is best to sew at a moderate, even speed. That will give you a more consistent stitch quality because your fabric will be fed more evenly. This is especially true when using the combination stitches.

Q: How do I prevent skip stitches when sewing over seams with the cover stitch?
A: There are a few simple things to keep in mind that will help. If your seam is not a serged seam, make sure it is open and pressed flat. If your seam is a serged seam, make sure it is lying flat, and reduce your sewing speed when approaching the seam.

Q: I want to use Pearl Crown Rayon, Decor 6, Glamour or similar thread in the chain looper of the Evolve, Evolve Wave, Evolution, or Ovation. What should I do to get the best results?
A: For best results, here are some suggestions:
  • Use the sponge disks under the Pearl Crown Rayon, Decor 6, Glamour spool, on the spool pin
  • Set your stitch length at 3-4 for best results
  • Stitch at a slow to moderate, consistent speed