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Embroidery Designs

This section contains questions and answers about specific embroidery designs on a machine, an embroidery card or embroidery design CD.


Q: Does Baby Lock make embroidery design collections or embroidery cards any longer?
A: No we no longer produce embroidery designs under the Baby Lock name. We recommend you visit the Amazing Designs or Nancy's Notions websites.

Q: Are the built in Noah's Ark design on the Ellure the same as the designs on the card?
A: No, all but two of the designs are new just for the Ellure.

Q: I cannot figure out how to use Card #14 and #31 with my Ese. How do I put the pieces together to get the large designs?
A: Look at the color insert that is enclosed with the embroidery card. Look to see what flower patterns make up the complete design. Check to see the sewing order as well. The letters "ABC" represents the position the designs will be sewn out.

The numbered boxes next to the "ABC" represents the pattern number used to create the design.

Templates come with the embroidery cards for easy placement on the project to be embroidered.

You will use Embroidery Edit Mode on the Ese.

1. Put the embroidery card in the side slot.
2. Press embroidery card on screen.
3. Select first embroidery design.
4. Touch "Set". This will transfer the image to the layout screen.
5. Position the design on layout screen using the arrows for placement.
6. Touch "End" on screen.
7. Repeat steps 2-6 until all the parts of the design have been chosen and positioned in layout screen.
8. Touch "End Edit" after editing has been completed.

Note: For ESI, ESI-2, EMI and EM2 owners, use the 'ABC' for hoop placement on machine as well as design placement on the project.

Note: Directions for Card #31 are a little different for the Ese. It involves using the direction arrows under the layout screen. Please read the directions on the smaller insert sheet written for the Ese. Directions for Embroidery Edit are on page 129 of Ese manual.

Q: I have just purchased the Fall card. It has several color names listed that are not on the thread conversion chart. Can you please tell me what they are?
A: The colors for the exclusive Baby Lock embroidery cards use the Palette color chart instead of the previous color chart.
1001 White
1002 White
1005 Black
1011 Silver
1015 Pink
1016 Salmon Pink
1017 Flesh Pink
1066 Cream Yellow
1067 Yellow
1068 Light Lilac
1070 Harvest Gold
1071 Linen
1074 Light Blue
1076 Electric Blue

Q: What are the animals on Card #46, Australian Animals?
A: They are as follows…1.Kangaroo, 2.Koala, 3.Wombat, 4.Platypus, 5.Echidna, 6.Kookaburra bird, 7.Emu head, 8.Tasmanian Devil, 9.Frill Neck Lizard, 10.Cockatoo, 11.Galah bird, 12.Rosella bird, 13.Possum, 14.Bilby, 15.Pelican, 16.Kiwi, 17.Swan, 18.Lyre Bird.

Q: I have had a problem with puckering when stitching designs from card #31 Large Floral II Designs. How can I remedy this problem?
A: Touch the tension key. The adjust the stitch density to a coarser setting. You may also want to weaken the tension also. Keep in mind that these are very dense designs, make sure you are using the proper stabilizer.