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  "This class was great. I learn so much, I would tell everyone to take this class who is starting to use their quilt frame or is looking to purchase. Lora is a super teacher and easy to follow." - Kathy Kunicki, Darien, IL, 10/8/2014  
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"April's class on DensityWorks was very informative. April's approach was easy to understand, full of valuable information, fun, and well worth the time spent. She has a very friendly, approachable manner and extremely knowledgable on the subject.

Thanks April!"
- Cheri Fleming, San Diego, CA, 4/17/2012

"Faye is such a wonderful teacher! I have taken a number of classes, and ALL have been exceptional! Thanks for creating such fun & informative classes. They certainly get your creative juices flowing." - Kathy B., Owasso, OK, 8/13/2009

"This class was presented very well, good slides and Lora is so easy to listen to and follow. I have taken other classes from her and always find this to be true. I like the on-line classes as it gives you a chance to ask a question and get the answer right away." - Caryl Walton, Wilton, IA, 8/8/2013

"Lora Kesilis is my Quilter's Creative Touch Guru. She is a fantastic instructor" - Linda Colvin, Brea, CA, 4/17/2013

"I didn't think I could do it!! Took my chances and loved every minute. I never give myself credit, but listening to April gave me will power to advance. Thank you April. Will take more classes when ready :)." - Rita Lopes, Jamaica Plain, MA, 2/4/2013