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Lora Kesilis 12/18/2014 8:00 PM Basic OPEN
You have loaded fabric on your new quilt frame and the Crown Jewel II is threaded and ready to go. Now what? Learn the differences between Precision and Cruise regulation modes and why you would ever want to sew in Manual mode. Learn how to use the new features in your Crown Jewel II including Basting, the Timers, the Low Bobbin Indicator, and the Speed Presets for the Manual mode. Find out why a laser light came with the machine and how to use it with paper pantographs. See how ruler work is accomplished with the Crown Jewel II. Understand how stencils can be used to mark quilting patterns on the quilt top. Quilting with your Crown Jewel II can be fun, so join us for this class and learn some of the ways you can start sewing. Products Featured: Crown Jewel II, Crown Jewel, Jewel (1 hour)

April Dunn 12/18/2014 7:30 PM Intermediate OPEN
Now that you have taken the "EmbroideryWorks Basics" classes and have a good working knowledge of this incredible program, you are ready to move on and explore some of the additional features EmbroideryWorks Advanced has to offer. During this class we will discuss the exclusive functional features from EmbroideryWorks Advanced found under the Utility Menu. These include such features Font Importer, Instant Repeat and MORE! This class assumes you have already taken the Sew at Home "EmbroideryWorks Basics" Part 1 & Part 2 classes. The basic features may be used in the class exercises but the fine points on how and why are not discussed in this class or handout. Software Featured: EmbroideryWorks™ Advanced (1.5 hours)

Lora Kesilis 12/19/2014 10:00 AM Basic OPEN
Monograms are quickly created, easily stitched, and add a personal touch wherever they are used. It's easy to see why monogramming is one of the most loved embroidery techniques. How do you make your monograms stand out? FontWorks can help. In this class, we'll explore the variety of ways to create those special monograms using FontWorks. In addition to the monogram fonts in FontWorks, we will look at using TrueType fonts, your standard FontWorks fonts, and even using two different fonts to create different looks. We will also look at using the FontWorks built-in designs to embellish monograms. Plus, monograms can be customized using Distortion, Enveloping, and Text to Stairs. Software Featured: FontWorks™ (1 hour)

April Dunn 12/19/2014 8:30 AM Basic OPEN
There's nothing like a monogram or embroidered phrases to add a "personal touch" to your clothing and other items or to personalize a gift for that special someone. No customizing software program would be complete without including some lettering and EmbroideryWorks includes lots of user friendly lettering options, whether you own the EmbroideryWorks Everyday or Advanced version. EmbroideryWorks comes with fonts allowing you to create: Single-line, Multi-line, Monograms, Circle and Spiral text Join this class and learn how to use the basic lettering features EmbroideryWorks has to offer and we'll have you on your way to fancy lettering and monograms in no time. This class includes lettering features found in both EmbroideryWorks Everyday and EmbroideryWorks Advanced. You may want to take at least "EmbroideryWorks Basics - Part 1" before taking this class, but it is not required. Software Featured: EmbroideryWorks™ Everyday, EmbroideryWorks™ Advanced (1.33333333333333 hours)