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Sewing Cabinets - Koala Studios

Koala Studios - Baby Lock Accessories
Koala Studios

You find serenity while sewing, and take pride in the projects you create… but does your sewing studio give you the same sense of satisfaction?

Koala Studios complement your home as well as your creativity, providing a luxurious area for sewing with unsurpassed quality and unmistakable beauty.

Most importantly, Koala Studios are custom built for you. From the height and color to the storage and surface areas, each Koala Studio is more than a home for your machine… it's a reflection of you.

Koala Studios are the leading brand of sewing furniture and sold exclusively through the best sewing, quilting and embroidery retailers. Visit the Sewing and Craft Club web site to discover what makes us stand apart. Your studio is where you create… and we'd love to create a studio just for you.

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